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Now anyone can mine Bitcoin anywhere!

Loki Rigs are custom ASIC miners that can run on 110V power.  Named after LuxOS engineer David Urlacher who first built this configuration, this triple hashboard Loki Rig is a fully functional Antminer that runs on 110V power and doubles up as a space heater. 

Our custom designed, 3D Printed PSU holder slides into the PSU slot and encloses all cables and connectors to make it safe for use. We also offer an Urlacher conversion kit, that you can purchase to convert most S19/S21 series miners into a 110V Loki Rig/Space heater in less than 15 minutes. 

And when you’re done using it as a space heater, you can quickly switch the PSU back to the original, to run it on full power. 

Unlike many other Loki rigs, this build requires no custom chassis, no PSU voltage modifications, no custom fans and no control board change to run on 110V power. That makes it ideal for deploying in large numbers for heating larger spaces like warehouses, sheds etc. 

  1. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the three highlighted screws.
  2. Remove the control board cover by lifting it up. Then remove the control board cover by sliding it back.
  3. Disconnect the voltage regulating cable and 6 pin extension cables from the PSU and control board. Then remove the 4 screws that connect the PSU with the power bars. You can now slide the PSU back to remove it.
  4. Slide ‘The Urlacher’ plastic PSU enclosure into the PSU slot
  5. Slide the APW3++ PSU inside the plastic enclosure
  6. Connect the two power cables to the power bars (make sure you connect the correct polarity, reversing polarity will cause permanent damage to the hashboard and control board). Connect 6 pin Molex connector to power the control board and tuck the Vonets dongle into the side slot on plastic holder. Connect the Ethernet cable from the blue vonets dongle into the Ethernet port on the front of the miner.
  7. Connect the Loki AMLite kit to the control board as shown below. If the through holes on the PCB are filled with solder, you may need a soldering iron to attach the jumper to the control board.
  1. Reinstall the PSU and control board covers and secure them using the screws that were removed earlier.
  1. Connect power cord to the APW3++ PSU (inside the plastic case)
  2. Wait for about 15 seconds for Vonets VAP11G-300 Wifi Bridge to broadcast its setup WiFi network.
  3. Using a computer or mobile phone connect to Vonets Wi-Fi network named VONETS_2.4G_XXXX. Password is 12345678
  4. Open http://vonets.cfg or on an internet browser on the device you connected to Vonets Wi-Fi network.
  5. On the login page that appears enter ‘admin’ for both username and password and click on Login button.
  6. On the page that appears, click on the wizard tile.
  7. You will see a list of available WiFi networks. Select the one you want to use for the Urlacher and click next
  8. Enter the password of the selected WiFi network and click Apply. (Please make sure to enter password accurately, failure to enter the right password will require restarting this process)
  9. Click on Reboot.
  10. Wait for about 2 minutes for Vonets WiFi bridge to reboot. You can then locate The Urlacher’s IP address on your Network using an IP scanner, BTCTools, or other network scanning software.
  11. Login to LuxOS webUI using IP address.
  12. Configure pool and workername.
  13. Sit back and enjoy hashing Bitcoin on 120V

If you need to reset vonets wifi Bridge to move the miner to a new wifi network, you can press and hold the black button for about 10 seconds. Below is a short video on the Vonets setup.

Urlacher Profitability Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

We ship with LuxOS, but you are free to run other firmware as long as it allows you to stay below 1300W. The included APW3++ PSU can not supply more than 1300W power on 110V voltage.

Yes, all 3 hashboard are present. 

Yes, the Urlacher’s APW3++ PSU runs on 110-250V power. At voltage > 200V you can push the PSU upto 1500 watts, so you can get higher hashrate (although the fans will run harder)

On stock settings this miner is about 53 db, measured 3 ft away. 
This is quiet enough to place in a corner of a larger room, without becoming a nuisance. However this may be too loud to place next to an office desk or by the bedside. 

Sound level is largely dependent on the fan speed on Antminers. Choosing a lower hashrate target on the firmware UI, will allow the fans to run slower and quieter. 

If you’re able to exhaust the heat it generates, you can use it like a 120V Bitcoin miner. 

At this time, we are only focused on S19k Pro, since it has many unique advantages like lower core voltage requirement, better thermal design etc. You can however buy the Urlacher conversion kit and it might work with other S19 models. 

Power usage (W) on Antminers is only an estimate and is often inaccurate. Only way to measure reliably is to measure on the wall. Same goes for efficiency. 

Weight35 lbs
Dimensions22 × 17 × 13 in

S19k pro 115T, S21 188T, Urlacher conversion kit (miner not included)

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