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The StealthMiner Jpro+ is configured for 120V-240V operation and maximum efficiency while also balancing the sound levels; all while attempting a new form factor as a compact design that can travel easily… you know, like from one room to another. Weighing in at only 12 lbs and secured by bolted assembly, this new form factor could fit in a backpack even if those rooms are far apart. 

It utilizes a single JPro+ board in conjunction with @pivotalplebtech Loki boards and a APW3++ PSU to function on a 120V circuit while keeping wattage low assuming normal household circuit loads that may already exist. 

This one is not a heater… 

For all the above considerations and tradeoffs, nominal hash frequencies will exist under 525 Mhz. The board is being supplied with a static 12V supply of power regardless of what the FW thinks/says because Loki is playing its tricks. You may observe chip faults at the 530 Mhz and above frequencies as they want more voltage.

Your StealthMiner will arrive tuned to the StealthMiner default setting of 27TH @ ~650W. You can choose higher tunes for more performance noting that different boards will vary slightly in performance to the static 12v supplied and noise will increase as well of course.

Bitmain Stock rating for the S19 JPro Plus is 27.5 J/T (± 5%).

Here is a general guideline of what you can expect at 70°F (22°C) ambient with your StealthMiner:

SettingHash Freq (MHz)Hashrate, (TH/s)Wattage at wall (W)



Noise Level (@1m), dB
80T Autotune450276502452
85T Autotune475297002454
87T Autotune500307502556

* Assume +/- 5% for all values same as manufacturer spec

The Noctua NF-F12 IPPC 3000 RPM fans ensure the quietest possible operation in the smallest enclosure possible. The result is a lower hum of white noise instead of screaming banshees that come stock with miners.

If you choose to prioritize lower 

sound output, you can sacrifice efficiency and get under 50db with a target chip temp of 70C vs the configured 65C.

Now if you want to get crazy with it, you can always swap the PSU for a modified one outputting ~13.2V and utilize the easter egg I designed into the lid. There is a 38mm gap allowing for the installation of stock 6000 RPM fans like NIDEC or Martech. This will close the gap entirely to the heat sinks and allow for maximum hash at maximum sound levels if provided a higher voltage PSU.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. – @satstackingpleb


Enclosure Type3D Printed PETG
Enclosure Size11.81” (300mm) x 11.81” (300mm) x  5.9” (180mm)
Electrical Requirements

100-240VAC 50/60Hz
🔌NEMA 5-15P to IEC C13 Power Cord included

Weight12 lbs
HashboardS19J Pro+ BHB42612 (Vers : V1.0010)
Control BoardBeaglebone control board (Vers: BB_V2.11) with PivotalPlebTech Loki Duo
FirmwareVnish v1.2.0-rc5
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in

S19j Pro 104T (Sold Out), S19k Pro 115T, S19 95T

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