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Named after the Norse god of wind, the Njord Cloudline board enables Bitmain miners to automatically control the speed of an AC Infinity Cloudline fan using the control board’s native temperature control algorithm.

Say goodbye to the days of manual fan speed tuning and experience a transformation in your mining setup as the Njord Cloudline board significantly reduces fan noise and power consumption while maintaining consistent miner temperatures. Enjoy a quieter environment and lower energy costs while optimizing miner performance.
To achieve optimal results, pair the Njord Cloudline board with an AC Infinity Fan and a fan shroud. Installing the Njord Cloudline board is a breeze! Simply plug it into the fan port connectors on your miner’s control board. Then, connect the USB-C cable of your AC Infinity fan to the Njord Cloudline’s USB-C socket. For step-by-step installation instructions, refer to the Quick Start Cards or Full User Manual.
The Njord Cloudline board is designed to seamlessly integrate with all air-cooled Bitmain miners equipped with 4 stock fans. If you’re unsure whether it’s compatible with your rig, check out our FAQs below. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll help you figure it out. 
Calling all international customers! We ship worldwide via DHL/UPS/EMS and DDP Shipping (duties prepaid) is available on checkout page.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

Pivotal Pleb Tech is a Utah based Bitcoin mining company that developed the Njord Cloudline board. focused on designing bitcoin mining solutions for home miners, often referred to as pleb miners. Their goal is to provide pivotal technology that will empower pleb miners to further decentralize the Bitcoin network. While Bitcoin mining technology has seen tremendous innovation and enhanced performance, these advancements have mostly been tailored to suit the needs of large, centralized mining operations and have often left the humble, decentralized plebs behind. Pivotal Pleb Tech aims to fill the growing technology gap between what’s available to centralized miners compared to what’s available to pleb miners—making mining more practical and feasible for plebs.

The Njord Cloudline board is designed to detected if the AC Infinity fan has lost power and will send a signal to the control board. This will cause the miner to shut down with a fan error.

The Njord Cloudline board was designed to work specifically with AC Infinity Cloudline fans. It will not work with other fans unless they follow the same EC motor control protocol and have the same USB-C connector. If you’re looking to control a different fan type, consider using the Njord Protean board.

No, not out of the box, but you can buy fan extension cables that will make it compatible. See the “Third Party Gear” section for more details. 

No, not out of the box, but you can buy fan extension cables that will make it compatible. See the “Third Party Gear” section for more details.

No, this product is built for air-cooled ASICS. 

We have shipped to over 80 countries across the globe, and if you are able to select your country on the checkout page, we will ship it to you.  

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