ePIC UMC Universal Mining Control Board & Firmware for Antminer S19/S21


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Gain full ownership of your Bitcoin miners!

New control board and firmware to free your mining rigs and unleash their full potential. Comprehensive dashboard with perpetual tuning to maximize your ROI. Rich ePIC API to customize your mining operations according to your requirements.

UNIVERSAL – One firmware and control board rules them all. Compatible with all Antminer S19 & S21 series models. 

HASHRATE OPTIMIZATION – Overclocking to increase hashrate, underclocking/undervolting to reduce power consumption & maximize efficiency

CUSTOMIZATION – Firmware customization based on fleet-specific considerations, Rich API to enable customer-specific features

PROFIT MAXIMIZATION – No Developer fees & Perpetual tuning to adjust for optimal profit

FLEET MANAGEMENT – Dashboard to manage individual miners and the entire fleet with regular updates

UMC Installation Instructions

Pop the top cover on your miner, to expose the control board. Then disconnect all the cables on the old control board.

  1. Remove the faceplate and slide out the old control Board, slide in the new UMC control board & reinstall the faceplate. If your old faceplate does not fit correctly, you can buy a UMC faceplate here

  2. Plug in all the necessary cables as shown (3 hashboard cables, 4x fan cables, voltage regulating cable, 6-pin power cable & Ethernet cable)
  3.  Use J2, J3, J4 hashboard connectors. Do NOT use J1 (The connectors are labeled on the control board.
  4. Power on the miner and locate IP address.
  5. IP address can be found using a free IP scanner tool like Advanced IP Scanner or Angry IP. Device name for UMC control board will start with ‘cminer’. Note that IP report button on UMC will not report IP using Bitmain’s IP reporter tool.
  6.  IP address can also be found using ePIC Dashboard fleet management tool. Default password for both web UI and ePIC Dashboard are ‘letmein’. 
  7. Update to the latest version of firmware via web UI or ePIC Dashboard. The latest version of firmware is available here
              via web UI

    • Under System>Firmware Update.
    • Upload the ZIP FILE (not the swu file)
    • Click “Apply”

      via ePIC Dashboard 

    • Download the latest ePIC Dashboard software here: https://github.com/epicblockchain/epic-dashboard/releases
    • Select the miner that you want to update
    • Go to “System” at the bottom of the dashboard
    • Under “Update Firmware”, click “Browse”, and select the firmware update zip file that you have just downloaded
    • Enter your password and hit “Apply”
  8. Set up your pool address and username.

Frequently Asked Questions

ePIC Blockchain is Toronto based ASIC mining hardware manufacturer. Find more on their website epicblockchain.io

This is commonly caused because of a hashboard connection to J1 connector. Refer to Installation Instructions section above to remedy this issue. 

Firmware Presets aren’t fully configured for various S19 models. Please use perpetual tuning based hashrate targeting or manually setting volt & freq.

The spikes are artifacts of realtime hashrate tracking on the chart. This is normal and OK to ignore. 

Chip performance/efficiency above 97% is green, 91-97% is yellow, 91% and below is red

Firmware updates are released by ePIC periodically and can be downloaded here 

ePIC UMC compatibility is not dependent on PSU version. 

ePIC UMC has been tested on thousands of ASIC miners over several months and there are both temperature & connectivity based guard- rails in the firmware. However overclocking always comes with additional risk to your hardware and you should proceed with caution. 

No fan spoofers are needed, you can run with 1,2,3,4 or no fans.

Yes, hardware modifications and running custom firmware typically voids Bitmain warranty. This is also the case with other firmware like BraiinsOS+, Vnish, LuxOS etc. 

You can interact with other ePIC users on this telegram channel 


It really depends on the cooling of the machines and the upper limit of your power supply. We highly encourage each user to do their own experiment since the environmental conditions are vastly different from one user to another.

This control board comes preinstalled with ePIC firmware and can not be used for running other firmware. 

No. The ePIC firmware only works on the UMC board

There’s one time cost to buy UMC hardware and ePICs PowerPlay firmware is included with the purchase. You will get to use the product and firmware update without any additional fees.

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ePIC UMC Universal Mining Control Board & Firmware for Antminer S19/S21

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

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